origins of the artist

The artist was born in 1970 and currently lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

After obtaining degrees in Business Administration and Social Sciences, the artist got a bachelors degree in Fine art (art acadamy AKV St. Joost, 's-Hertogenbosch), followed by a masters degree in Artistic Research (University of Amsterdam).

The artist is interested in human psychology. He is intrigued by the way people (who are generally well off) psychologically cope with the difference between how things are and how they think they should be. His work also deals with perceptional biases, routines, neuroses and repetition/rythm. Furthermore, his field of interest includes group dynamics and social interaction.

His work can be characterized as conceptual and minimal. Context and social dynamics are major contributors. Favourite materials are basic things such as wood, metal, cardboard and paper, but also videos and interactive technologie. His work is spatial and can often be seen as an object, installation, intervention or occurrence.

The artist participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the Netherlands and wrote a book about the control of an artist over his own work. He provided guest lectures for art acadamy students en art lessons for primary school kids. He also works as a moderator and communication strategist.